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Power Generation Applications - Special 

For several decades, Zelisko generator current transformers have been successfully deployed in power plants for protection and metering purposes at high rated currents.

Their main applications include generator bushings, bus ducts and circuitry. Zelisko supplies both fully insulated and semi-insulated ring-type slip-on current transformers. GAR3 and GAR 10/20 transformers are also available for the relevant applications.
The products comply with multiple international standards such as
IEC-61869-2, VDE 0414, ÖVE-P20, ANSI and GOST.

Current Transformer

GAR 10 / 20 and GAR 3 - Series 
CT for Power Plants & Generators

These current transformers are used for metering and protection
purposes with power generators. They comply with various
national and international standards (IEC 61869-2, VDE 0414,
DIN 42600, ÖVE-P20, ANSI, GOST etc.).
- The current transformers series GAR are maintenance-free ring-type
   transformers for indoor application (cast-resin where required)
- Insulation level 0.72kV to 24kV fully insulated
-  up to 5 cores for measurement and/or protection
- Please contact us for detailed dimensions. Our instrument
   transformers can be delivered in a calibrate design for metering


Max. Rated Primary current : 15000A (GAR 10/20),  50000A (GAR3)
Rated Secondary Current : 1A ; 5A ; 25A
Standard :IEC 61869-2, VDE 0414, DIN 42600, ÖVE-P20, ANSI, GOST


Current Transformer

HNP5/10/20, HNP12,5/20, HNP30, HNP50/, HNP80/ - Series 
Phase Protection Transformer & Power Transformer

Transformers of type HNP get used for Phase Transformers of
Stator Ground Protection, Power Transformers or Voltage Transformers. 
The high-voltage-carrying primary winding is realised
as a uniformly isolated winding, and cast according to a special
vacuum pressure method. The potential of the high-voltage coil is controlled towards all sides, such as outer and inner lateral area and frontal area. By means of this special control, the electric load is
carried by cast resin only, thus ensuring the complete absence of partial discharge of the phase transformer.
The secondary winding as well as the core system are placed
into the inner cylindrical opening, and equipped with a mounting
frame. The secondary winding consists of two galvanically
separated windings.

Max. Rated Primary Voltage : 3 – 20 kV
Rated Secondary Voltage : 100/√3; 110/√3; 120/√3; 190/√3
                                              100/3; 110/3; 120/3; 190/3 V
                                               100; 110; 120; 190; 500V

Standard :IEC 61869

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