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Accurate Sensor :

Unlock the power of smart grid data with true analog values that meet metering standards, including IEEE and IEC. Experience the highest precision and accuracy today

Solution Provider for Smart Energy Grid Technology using Zelisko Sensors

Experience the future of energy with
Golden Sands Trading Company!
Our smart grid solutions are sure to revolutionize the way you power your life. We're proud to be a partner with ZELISKO for Smart grid sensors solutions, providing you with the cutting-edge of energy solutions. Join us today and discover the power of the future

Low Power Instrument Transformers up to 72,5kV providing a perfect smart grid sensor solution for a variety of applications
- Grid Monitoring
- Earth fault Detection and Directional Fault
- Protection
- Tariff Metering
- Power Quality Metering

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Product : Voltage Sensor Resistive Divider

Introducing Zelisko Low-Power Voltage Sensors up to 72.5 kV, the perfect solution for energy data solutions. With a rated secondary voltage of 3,25/√3 V, based on I
EC 61869-6 & -11 Standard, these sensors provide reliable and accurate data, all thanks to the Resistive Divider technology. 

Product : VMA
Voltage Metering Amplifier

The Zelisko VMA is a precision voltage amplifier designed to work in combination with Zelisko low-power voltage sensors. It offers three channels for amplified voltage outputs from 3.25/√3 V to 100/√3 V or 110/√3 V, With its active high-precision circuitry, the VMA ensures accurate voltage readings and reliable performance.

Product : Current Sensor

Current Sensor is rated with secondary voltage of 225 mV and is compliant with 
IEC 61869-6 & -10 standards. 
It is available in two different types - split core and closed core - which makes it suitable for a variety of different applications. 

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Experience Service

We offer an end-to-end smart grid solutions that leverages state-of-the-art technology to execute project applications such as Tariff Metering, Power Quality Measurement, and Fault detection. Our smart grid solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best possible performance.

Smart Grid Sensor Solution For Wind Turbines

Voltage Sensor with F-type HV T- plug connection

 Suitable for Several Installation Configurations :
- GIS in turbine tower
- GIS in transition piece
- GIS split between tower and transition piece

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Discover the future of Smart Grid energy data with Accurate Sensor!
A revolutionary sensor which generates a true analog value for energy readings based on IEEE and IEC standards 

Accurate Sensor is a leader in energy data technology solutions. We specialize in providing high-precision measurement through an innovative combination of Zelisko Low-Power Voltage Sensors (up to 72.5kV) with the VMA Voltage Amplifier. Our sensor technology can be applied for Class 0.2 Tariff Metering Solution, delivering true analog values from sensors based on IEEE and IEC standards. Plus, energy data can be securely stored on the cloud for easy access. With Accurate Sensor, you can rest assured that your energy data will be accurate and reliable.

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We understand how important it is to have an accurate and reliable measurement of your power grid. That's why we strive to offer the most up to date technology and solutions for your individual needs. Contact us today and get started down the path to a more efficient and reliable power grid.

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